What is Real Time Cloud Accounting?

Whether you’re starting a business independently, with a partner, or with a small team, you’ll have to juggle many demanding roles every day for your company to succeed and everyone will have to do something they aren’t professionally trained to … Read More

The Evolution of Accounting

Accounting has come a long way since businesses started working and analysing their finances, especially as technology develops and evolves. However, like every good thing, it had to start somewhere. The Beginning Accounting began in ancient times and keeping track … Read More

Making the Switch to Cloud Accounting

Long gone are the days of pen and paper and the risk of human error. Accounting is moving into the modern age and it’s time your business came with it. Luckily, making the switch to cloud accounting has never been … Read More

What is Real Time Cloud Accounting?

Real time cloud accounting is accounting for the future and the way forward for any business that wants to propel and prosper in the digital age. Although the concept may seem scary to some, welcoming cloud accounting to your business … Read More

Top 5 accounting tips to save your business time and money.

05 – Go Green Reducing the amount of paper your business uses printing invoices, statements and other documentation will not only save you time and money, it will reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. This is a win-win situation. … Read More

Company Confirmation Statements — What You Need To Do, Including Identifying Persons With Significant Control

Anyone who’s ever been a director of a limited company should be aware of the need to submit an Annual Return to Companies House each year. Since 30th June 2016, that document has been replaced by a Confirmation Statement that … Read More

Self Assessment — What You Need to Know and How You Can Make the January 31 Deadline if You Start Today

It’s that time of year again when the deadline for submitting your tax return is fast approaching. In fact, if you’re still persisting with a paper return, the deadline has already passed. For those of you submitting online, however, there’s … Read More

Recovering Bad Debts

Recovering Bad Debts No matter how good your credit control procedures are at limiting the risk of bad debts, some debtors will inevitably fail to pay. When this happens, you must choose your course of action to recover the debt. … Read More

Business Expenses — Tax Deductible or Not?

Business Expenses — Tax Deductible or Not? As an independent contractor, you should aim to maximise your earnings after tax. That’s achieved by a combination of a high level of income, being tax-efficient and recharging all allowable expenses. The value … Read More

Changing Your Accountant

Changing Your Accountant Accountants are like bank accounts in that people change them rarely and reluctantly. However, there often comes a time when change is advisable or may even be inevitable. Achieving the Right Service Having a good accountant is … Read More