Do you still use a ‘grandpa’ style accounting firm? Find out what REAL TIME ACCOUNTING is
and how it can benefit you!


Real Time Accounting

Offering real-time account synchronisation, ensuring your accounts are always up to date and accurate. Want to know how much salary you can take? Needing to know what is available as a dividend? This information – and much more – is always available and up-to-date, 24/7.


You decide – and only pay for – what you need. From our Sole Trader package, to our Business Basic package designed to get you off to a great start, to our full service Business Plus package – you can start small and grow big with us.

Pro-active Analysis

Because our system ensures your accounts are always up to date, there is never any last-minute rush or panic to meet filing deadlines. There is also a more pro-active approach. Most accounting firms offer an ‘annual review’ – we offer an ‘ongoing review’, identifying problems before they occur, and taking the necessary steps to assist you in dealing with any issues, or avoiding them all together.

Safe and Secure

No matter where you go or what you do, your data is secure. Hard drive failures, lost devices, theft, upgrades and moving around no longer present a problem – your data is always secure and always available.

Automate Tasks

Automate repetitive tasks, including invoicing at a frequency you like, and bank downloads. With more than 15 years’ experience integrating with the world’s largest banks, our automated bank feed makes your life simple, easy and hassle free.

Always Current

Unlike traditional software that requires continuous updating and installation, not to mention the need to buy the latest and greatest, we are always up-to-date with the latest in both technology and legislation.

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What Do People Like You Say?

We’re thrilled that so many people love using our service. We know that you will rave about us too.
I would just like to compliment my experience with Fatheema since I came on board just over a year ago. Fatheema has taken all of the stress of keeping my records and telling me what I require letting me get on with my job rather than having to sort this myself. She is very professional and also very on the ball when things are required from me.
John Baird Director - BAIRD TRADING LTD
I have been [with Phoenix] for several years and it’s been a pleasure. Most of my liaison is with Fatheema Khan, who is an affable character, a joy to work with. Always on top of my accounts, VAT Returns, etc. Their systems flow very well, whenever I have any queries, they are dealt with promptly, the information is always crystal clear. I would highly recommend Phoenix's services.
Stephen Trott Director - Sansa Corp
"Thanks again guys. My accounts [were] a bit messed up but at least I have made the right choice by switching now!"
P Salian Director - ACME Soft
Thank all your team for all the help with the accounts! At least now going forward it should be far easier.
Darren Sowden Managing Director - Fabricus Ltd

What's the Bottom Line?

Our pricing structure is the absolute best value for money in the market today. There are no gimmicks. Listed below is our entry level pricing. For companies that have grown beyond this, we are able to provide a custom quote. Simply contact us, and we after an initial consultation, we will provide you with detailed, transparent pricing. The consultation is completely free, and there is no obligation.

£99 + VAT  per month
  • Up to 50 monthly transactions
  • Local transactions only (no non-UK transactions)
  • Up to 2 employees
  • Up to 2 pay slips each month
  • Up to 2 Self-Assessments annually – Dividend and wages only
FREE - 30 minute phone consultation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive answers to the questions we are asked most often.

What is Real Time Cloud Accounting?

Real Time Cloud Accounting is accounting for the modern age. Many years ago, old men in stuffy suits carefully recorded every transaction in large books called ledgers. With the advent of computers, those books were digitized and stored on hard drives, managed by extremely expensive and complex bits of software that became outdated within weeks of being purchased. Today, Real Time Cloud Accounting resolves all of the issues associated with buying and maintaining expensive software and paying huge amounts of money to those old stuffy men with their ledgers: Real Time Cloud Accounting provides you with just the right tools you need to meet your company’s financial objectives, it’s always up to date, you do not have to install it and can access it from anywhere, it’s always safe and secure, and it’s available for a low monthly fee for as long as you need it. Real Time Cloud Accounting is accounting for the future!

Do I need to understand accounting to use this service?

No you do not. Our service was designed with the business owner in mind, not the accountant. It’s easy to use and jargon free, and your dedicated account management team is always available to assist you with any questions you may have. More importantly, we actively monitor your accounts in real time, and as a result we are usually able to identify problems before they arise, and we can deal with them effectively. This is the beauty of Real Time Cloud Accounting – we’re working for you ALL the time, not just once a year when your filings are due!

Is my information secure?

Yes, it is. We use the latest technology to ensure our data is secure and encrypted with double redundancy to ensure continuity of service, and a 99.9% uptime.

What if I need help?

We are available during UK office hours for unlimited telephone support, and after hours by email. We are committed to respond to all queries within 4 business hours. Most importantly, we are very often able to identify issues before they arise through our unique and proprietary Real Time Cloud Accounting software.

Can I automatically import my bank account transactions?

Yes, with a little help from the global leader in financial software solutions, you can automate your bank feeds in our software. This means you spend much less time worrying about your accounting, and it also means we are always able to stay on top of things, unlike a traditional accounting firm that may look at your accounts once a year when your filings are due.

Can I set up recurring invoices?

Yes you can. It’s simple and easy to do and will create invoices based on the schedule you determine. Again, our goal is to reduce your administration burden, and the time it takes to do the boring, repetitive tasks. We have automated as much as possible within our software, and this gives you the perfect balance of flexibility and control.

Can I claim expenses?

Yes you can, and you can upload a scan or smartphone photo of your receipt immediately for record keeping purposes, and you can attach it to an invoice if you are claiming the expense back from an agency or client. And since your data is securely stored in the cloud, you never have to worry about that shoe-box full of receipts again, or be the victim of a hard-drive failure. Secure data storage is all part of the deal.

Can I use you service if I am registered for Flat Rate VAT?

Yes, and we take care of your calculations and reporting requirements. If you are not registered for Flat Rate VAT, or you don’t know what it is, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds of extra income every year. We can help.

Is it easy to move from my existing accountant?

It’s very simple, and we do all the work. Simply inform them that you are moving to Phoenix, and we will take care of the rest.

How many minutes a month does it take to keep my accounts up to date?

Our typical client, invoicing monthly, spends less than 5 minutes a month on admin – and that includes quarterly VAT and annual accounts.

Do you offer a referral fee?

We do offer a referral fee. In fact, most of our growth is through people who love using us telling other people who then use us and love us and then tell other people and then they … well you get the idea.

Do you offer business insurance?

We have negotiated a very attractive business insurance package, or you can use your own provider – the choice is yours.

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