Changing your company address may seem like a menial task and one of the easiest jobs to carry out when you’re switching office or moving your business elsewhere. However, changing your address is one of the most vital aspects of the process and requires you to contact certain people and update documents.


HMRC are the bigger service you have to notify, and it won’t be easy. There are lots of different departments relating to tax services and each one has to be told about your change of address. Wooden door. Some of the departments include, Self-Assessment, National Insurance, PAYE, Pensions and Student Loan. The changes need to be relayed to all these departments, so you won’t have any problems with tax rebates or HMRC in the future.

Companies House

When you notify Companies House of your change of address, they should notify HRMC. However, it is always important to double check. Updating your new registered workplace can be carried out through paper forms or online. The change of address Companies House form can simply be downloaded from their website, filled out and sent back.

If you want to change it digitally and don’t have the time to send off the forms, the process is similar online too. All you have to do is log in with your email address, fill out the Change of Registered Address form and update your office’s location.

Make sure that your office is a physical place that can be identified so important documents can be mailed to you.

Your Bank

When you change your company address, you have to tell everyone that’s involved in the financial side of things, including your bank. You do not want your important documents going to an old company office. You should also inform your pension providers and credit card company.

Service Providers

You have to update the people that provide a service to you and your business, so they are up-to-date with your company. Make sure you tell your accountant, especially when they’re handling your financial records and expenditures. Any insurance providers and legal and tax advisors should be informed too.

Next, there’s broadband and telephone providers to tell as they will have to switch over your plan to the new address and any suppliers that regularly deliver to your office should be notified as well.

The People

After you inform everyone you legally need to, it’s time to tell your customers and clients as the change of address could affect them too. Equally as important are your employees who will need to know where their new work place is as some may struggle with the change of location; your members of staff should be the first to know your new address.

The Smaller, but Important Things

Finally, you must update your company website, any social accounts and your Google location with the new address. You could even share your new location on your social media platforms. You will have to redo any posters and advertising you have carried out if the old address is on there and update all documents that require your address to be on them. Also, if you have any business cards or features with the previous office place on them, you’ll have to change them too.

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