There are lots of things your business will need when you first start working on it. You’ll need to start thinking about finances, employees and clients. Starting a business can be hugely overwhelming, so it’s important to take little steps.

Your first move should always be branding. It is one of the most important aspects of your start-up and will define the beginning of your business journey. It’s important to get it right first time, so your values, goals and brand are all present from the start and can evolve as your brand does.

Good branding will help build recognition for your business, give your employees direction, connect with your customers on a more personal level and help you to stay on track and focused.

First Things First

Office building with wall artThe best place to start is with the logo, which will be the front of your company. Your logo is an important aspect as it will be on your social media pages, your documents and will be what most people will recognise you from. The logo will be what your reputation is associated with, whenever someone sees it they’ll think of what you do and your services, so it’s vital to make it memorable. You should also pick brand colours and fonts, which will be used on your documents and website, to help with consistency and brand awareness.

Write It Down

Create a branding guidelines document so you can be consistent across all your social platforms, marketing and administration. Consistency also means there’s less room for error and looks aesthetically pleasing. A document will also be very handy in the future when new employees start, or agencies take on roles in your business and you need them to be aligned with your brand quickly and thoroughly.

Find Potential Endorsements

If you know someone who can endorse you, get them to do it. Reputation is a big boost in start-up businesses and the more people that know about you, the more likely individuals are to buy from you or use your services. Equally, your new employees will be brand ambassadors, so if you can get your staff members to post about their new jobs online, you can spread awareness as you start to cement the foundations of your business.

Figure Out Who You’re Aiming For

Know your audience and place in the market to work out where you will fit in, in your industry. Identify your competitors and see how they have branded themselves. You do not want to copy what they’re doing but figure out a strategy that works and identify what doesn’t. Your branding can then set you apart from your competition.

Remember Why You Started Your Business

Remember your story and make sure you get that across in your branding and marketing. Your journey is what your business is built on – it’s what makes your company your own. It’s also a chance to fully sum up what you do, so you can establish your identity in the market. An audience would find a personal brand, with integrity and a background story way more relatable than a bland, dull company with no personality.

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