Your business has thrived, your goals have been achieved and now you want to expand. Expansion doesn’t simply have to be about taking your company abroad, but instead putting your brand in front of new eyes.

One of the best ways of getting your business noticed by new customers is by taking your business online.

The Basics

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly easier to take your business online. There are websites like WordPress that allow you to set up a website for free, or sites that allow you to buy a domain name, so your website is more personal to your business.

You can also set up a Facebook Business profile and an Instagram Business account, which will give your business a social presence too. Make sure you also create a LinkedIn account too as you can register your business and your employees can input that they work there too. This not only generates more interest around your business, but makes it look legitimate too. A social media presence can be incredibly useful in the marketing side of your business and is now a vital part in the process of taking your business online.

Whatever online seWoman typing on laptop.rves you register your business for, make sure your brand is consistent across them all. For example, make sure your logo is present, all the fonts and colours match and the graphics on the pages are of high quality and represent your business.

Google Should Be Your New Best Friend

When listing yourself on Google, you will be subject to reviews, good and bad. However, this can be a great help to your business, especially if you’re successful and your clients give you good feedback too. Listing yourself on Google means those reviews just go digital. Google also helps to make your business look more legitimate, up to date and provides potential customers information, without you having to go through the effort of providing it directly.


When taking your business online, you need to be aware of SEO. Google rates sites that have good quality content on them highly. Therefore, after building a solid website with no glitches or misleading information, you should start looking at creating a blog for it. Posting a well written, useful article that can be shared will push people through to your website. Articles should be a mix between evergreen and news. For example, if you’re a florist, you could write an article on the top ten flowers in the UK that will resonate for a longer period than one about the opening of your new shop.

Look to the Future

When you’ve mastered the digital world, it’s time to start thinking for the future. In business you always need to be one step ahead of your opponent, and the same rules apply in the online sphere. Use your online presence to keep updated in your industry and to keep an eye on your competition. Now you’re in the game, make sure you’re the front runner of it – always look for ways to improve your online presence, such as maybe going mobile too.

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